The Somewhat Disappointing Contractually Obligated Followup™

by Butterscott

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With the runaway success of the last album, The Slick Overproduced Commercial Pop Thing™, it became important to Buttersville USA that we get the band out of rehab (again) and get them back in the studio for their followup, as stipulated by their contract.

Again, I had the unenviable task of reaching out to the band. They were all battling the demons of their addictions. Jon had his peanut m&ms and diet coke habit totaling thousands of dollars. Buzz had his hookers and blow, but supplemented the money he was losing by starring in low budget gay space alien nazi midget watermelon porn. Choc was consuming 12 belgian waffles a day and would only come into the studio if we plied her with more waffles, which we had to fly in from Belgium.

That's not to say we had an unhappy experience. It was bizarre, fraught with drama, exploding farm animals, and a bunch of drunken scottsmen who talked me into "going commando," which started a huge brouhaha with Choc Van Shake, who had to be coaxed back to the studio with fresh maple syrup and Hello Kitty underwear.

We only got them to record six tunes, but then had to mine the vaults once again for material to complete the album.

We turned to the Buttersville USA vaults once again to find another semi-completed album, culled from their super indulgent heyday.

The album SMIRK was supposed to be the Ultimate Butterscott Experience™.

However it went over severely budget, and their producer, Murray The P, had the kind of nervous breakdown that would make the Kardashians look like Amish prostitutes.

Some of those sonic experiments are included here. We also included a few theme songs for pilot episodes that were never picked up, as well as their unaired appearance with Tom Waits on the Muppet Show.

Fret not, Butterbees!! The band isn't breaking up. The fine folks at Buttersville USA have, once again, spared no expense in getting the band back in the studio to satiate your Butterscott Sweet Tooth and are under contract to deliver albums for us until years after they shuffle off this moral coil. You have our guarantee, even if we have to trot out the inevitable double live album..

You want product??

Here it is.

I give you The Somewhat Disappointing Contractually Obligated Followup™

Grab a spoon and dig right in!

--"Shy" Skyy Shalimar

Hotel California By The Sea
28 October 2016

Butterscott is and continues to be:

Jonathan Scott, Buzz Syndrome, Choc Van Shake

We gratefully acknowledge the following people who have consented to be our caregivers in these trying times:

Jonathan Pressman, Joel Simches, Carolyn Corella

Also to the interns we like to ply with alcohol and cover in cocoa butter:

Joe Turner, Doug Pressman, Walter Sickert, Optic Rose and Her Plentiful Box of Broken Sex Toys, Dan Foley, Peter Sutton, Brett Milano, Michael and Shari Linick, Jim "Happy Pants" Rader, Elisa B, Meg Ormand, Dawn "God's Co-Pilot"Eden, Murray The P, and especially farm animals and bag pipe players everywhere. This effort is dedicated to YOU!!


We recognize that a lot of you are completely out of touch when it comes to the profanity laced, innuendo filled pablum that our teenagers of today crave, therefore we spared no expense to alert you of a few songs that contain words we wouldn't want you to say around the rest home. Songs with this symbol "Ω" has been deemed unsuitable for airplay, though we truly feel that this album should be pretty much ignored by anyone with taste.
The Marketing Team of Buttersville USA
"Where you can't spell baccalaureate because no one can"


released November 25, 2016

All songs are conceived, written and performed by Butterscott:

Jonathan Scott, Buzz Syndrome, Choc Van Shake

---unless otherwise noted (cuz we're not proud)!

Album Cover art by Gypgnosis!

Recorded and Produced by
"Shy" Skyy Shalimar & The Glimmer Triplets

Recorded and Produced at

*Buttersville USA*
"Where No One Likes A Tattletale.."


©2016 Butterscott

All Rights Reserved



all rights reserved


Butterscott Boston, Massachusetts

Jonathan Scott-Vocals, toys, peanut m&m's
Zeus Stone-Guitars, vocals, sensible shoes
Buzz Syndrome- Vocals, gastric distress
Choc Van Shake-Drums, percussion, kittens
Ad Equate-Guitar, scooter, tech support

Influences: Monkees, Beatles, Zombies, Flo&Eddie, Balloons, Circus Clowns, Barney Fife, Charles Nelson Reilly, Sid And Marty Kroft, Sifl & Olly, Neil Diamond, Brian Wilson, and Billy Bart
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Track Name: The Buttersville USA Academy Fight Song™
Please rise, put your right hand over your heart and repeat after me:

Pugnacious, litigious and insane,
Pernicious, avaricious and obscene.

Viciously, duplicitous has been,
Ungracious and voracious plastiscene.

Dictacious and loquacious mouth latrine,
Malicious, prejudicious drama queen.

Now play ball!!